Beach Cleanup

We received Auckland Regional Council (ARC) funding to help clean up Sloanes Beach. We are very grateful for the hard work of locals, and the ARC support, to make this happen.

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3 responses to “Beach Cleanup”

  1. Jane Ferguson Avatar
    Jane Ferguson


    Is there ongoing work here? Do you need volunteers?

    regards jane.

    1. amas008 Avatar

      Jane, Thanks for your interest. I don’t think this project will ever be finished, but we are not doing anything at the moment. When we have another clean-up event, we would appreciate any help we can get. Would you be interested in us contacting you for our next event? It won’t be for a while. Thanks, Andrew

  2. sue willis Avatar
    sue willis

    Hi I am very interested in helping with beach is a delightful beach and would love to help clear all the seaweed and leaves
    Please could you inform me of dates
    Sue Willis

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