Centreboard Cup 2017: Sat 9 Dec; 11am for 12 noon race starts

Thanks to everyone who helped make our 2017 Centreboard Cup so much fun, and for Nick and Tim of Hopetoun Brown for entertaining us with such style. Photos are available in this album and on our Facebook page.
This year’s Sloanes Beach Regatta and Centreboard Cup at Sloanes Beach, 33/35 Marine Parade, Herne Bay, is scheduled for Saturday December 9th 2017.

We will be running our usual mix of childrens’ games, mucking about in boats, and around-Watchman-Island racing for centreboard boats big and small. As in past years, our racing will feature the historic Mullet boat fleet in all their glory. The racing starts at 11am 1200hrs (centreboard boats 18’ and over) and 1205 (for the smaller centreboarders), and will be run by the Ponsonby Cruising Club. (Note that this 12 noon time is correct; the earlier time in the Ponsonby handbook is not correct.) All centreboarders are welcome. High tide is a 3.4m at 12.51pm. There will be fun activities on the beach from around 1100am, including rowing and/or short sailing races. The format will be similar to past events.

Bring along a picnic and enjoy a relaxing time watching the old Mullet boat yachts racing in their traditional upper harbour fishing grounds. The club BBQ will be available for you to cook your sausages on. Our friends from Hawke Sea Scouts will also be running a sausage sizzle.

Fri 8 Dec Race Entry & Briefing: 1800 Ponsonby Cruising Club, Westhaven
Entries and the race briefing will take place at the Ponsonby Cruising Club on Friday December 8th at 1800hrs. If you cannot make this, then late entries will also be accepted at Sloanes Beach from around 1115am on Saturday 9th (but we much prefer that all boats enter on Friday night). 

We would welcome a $10 entry fee donation for non-mullet boats; mullet boats enter in the normal way for their summer series.

Sat 9 Dec Sloanes Beach Regatta & Centreboard Cup
1100 Late Race Entries accepted at Sloanes Beach
1115 Games and Picnic on the beach
1200 Race 1 Starts: Boats 18’ and over, which we expect to be following the long course
1205 Race 2 Starts: Boats under 18’, which we expect to be following the short course
1230 Cook your own sausages on our BBQ
1251 High tide 3.4m
Followed by Prize Giving & Music featuring Hopetoun Brown & special guests

Times are estimates only & are weather dependent. For the latest details, please see our Facebook page.

Centreboard Cup Race
We celebrate a rich history of shallow draft sailing in the upper harbour with two Centreboard Cup races. All centreboard boats big and small are invited. Racing will be organised by the Ponsonby Cruising Club in their Watchman committee boat; we are are very grateful for their support.

Race Courses and Centreboard Cup map
New for 2017, we will be introducing clockwise and anti-clockwise versions of the same course as these allow us to better match the prevailing wind. (The clockwise course will be used if the wind is westerly/south westerly.) We will announce which course to follow at the Friday briefing, and again on Saturday at the race entry desk.

Anti-clockwise course. The planned anti-clockwise courses are shown on the Centreboard Cup map. There will be two divisions, one for boats 18 feet and longer (which includes the Mullet boats), and a second for smaller boats. The start and finish lines will be between a yellow conical buoy laid off Sloanes beach and the HBCC Clubhouse on Sloanes Beach. We expect that the longer boats will start off Sloanes Beach (crossing the start line in a north-easterly direction, yellow conical buoy left to port). If following the anti-clockwise course, boat then go around Watchman Island (leaving it to port), then around the Chelsea Buoy (port) (buoy 19 on this chart, 36°49.68S 174°43.80E), then back to Sloanes Beach and around the yellow conical buoy (left to port), then Watchman Island (port again), Chelsea Buoy (port again), and then cross the finish line between the yellow conical buoy and the HBCC Clubhouse (leaving these to starboard and port respectively, heading in a south-westerly direction). The anti-clockwise plan is similar for the smaller boats, with a start off Sloanes, going around Watchman Island (leaving it to port), and back to the finish line off Sloanes beach.

Clockwise course.The clockwise course will be similar except that all marks are left to starboard, meaning boats 18′ a over go: start line between HBCC Clubhouse and yellow conical buoy (crossing the start line in a north-easterly direction, yellow conical buoy left to port), Chelsea Buoy (starboard), Watchman Island (starboard), yellow conical buoy (starboard), Chelsea Buoy (starboard), Watchman Island (starboard), and finish line between HBCC Clubhouse and yellow conical buoy (leaving the conical buoy to starboard, heading in a south-westerly direction). Shorter boats complete just one lap of this course.

These courses may change to suit weather conditions; any such changes will be advised at the race briefing. You can check the weather conditions recorded by our weather station.

Course changes will be announced on VHF 77 (and, technology willing, via Twitter under #centreboardcup).

Safety Boat Watchman and Channel 77 Radio Communications
We expect Ponsonby’s Watchman patrol boat to be on watch in the area. They can be contacted on VHF 77.

Charts and Launching Ramps
Please see the Centreboard Cup chart and map for the planned courses and suggested launching ramps at Westhaven and Birkenhead.

Facebook & Contact
Any questions? Feel free to email me (Andrew) at centreboardcup@hbcc.net.nz, or call me on 021884673. Or, use our Facebook page, or (on the day) VHF 77.

Previous Events
Details of our previous 2013 Centreboard Cup – which was also the Centenary Celebration for the clubhouse – are on our 2013 Centre Board cup Facebook page. See also our 2014 Centreboard Cup pages and photos on Flickr. Check out this writeup of the 2015 event by waitematawoodys, or the 2016 event.

Tide Details
Tides in detail are: Tides are 0620am 0.3m, 1251pm 3.4m, 1659pm 0.5m. These are spring tides, and so are very high and low; keep in mind that there will be a strong outgoing current during the racing.






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