Membership Rules

You can download these rules: HBCC Membership Rules 20110317

Herne Bay Cruising Club Membership Rules
17 March 2011

Usage of the Herne Bay Cruising Club’s (HBCC) Clubhouse, Equipment and Facilities will be considered as acceptance of the following conditions.

I indemnify the HBCC against any liability arising from my use of club facilities and equipment.

I agree that all equipment in the clubhouse is stored at the owner’s risk, and that the HBCC does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to such equipment how-so-ever caused.

I agree that I will take good care of the club’s equipment and facilities.

I agree that the HBCC accepts no responsibility for the safety of any users of the club’s equipment or facilities.

While using the club’s boats, I will accept all the responsibilities and duties that would arise as owner of the boat, will at all times act as a responsible boat user, and will be fully responsible for my own safety. Note, however, that each skipper is responsible for any third party damage caused; the club cannot accept any responsibility for this.

I agree that should I allow others to use the club’s facilities from time to time, then their usage will be subject to acceptance of these conditions. Furthermore, I will accept full responsibility as if I were using the facilities myself.

I have read and am aware of the safety guidelines and list of hazards given below.

Membership Terms

I agree to promptly pay my annual subscription charges, and that in the event that these remaining unpaid for 6 months or more, agree that my locker and stored items can be deemed abandonned, and the locker allocated to another member.

I will give the HBCC at least one month’s notice, in writing (including email), of my intention to leave the club. I accept that no refund of subscription fees shall be payable under such circumstance.

Safety Guidelines for Usage of Club Boats: Members taking out club boats are required to follow standard safety precautions, including the following:

  1. At all times, act as a responsible boatie and take responsibility for your own and other’s safety
  2. Know and apply the rules of the sea, including giving way to large vessels. (Please see the ARC Navigation Safety Bylaw 2008 at
  3. Undertake a pre-launch check of the boat (including fastenings), sail, rigging, rudder, centreboard, bung, etc
  4. Wear life jackets at all times. (The club has two buoyancy vests available, but recommends that you bring your own life jackets.)
  5. Take paddles to provide a backup mode of transport; (These are provided by the club; be sure to tie these on.)
  6. Carry a cell phone (or marine radio) in a waterproof ziplock bag.
  7. Let others know when you are expected back.
  8. Always report any gear failures or problems to so they can be fixed.

We ask that an existing club member assists you with your first launch and sail to make sure you understand how and where the boats (and gear) are stored, launched and rigged.

The boats require to two people to launch, and should be lifted, not dragged, down to the water’s edge.

The club does not have insurance for the boats of any type. We accept that there will be occasional accidents and damage, which are part of normal usage; repairs to boats are typically undertaken by club members as and when required.

Hazards for Beach and Boat Users: Please note the overhead powerlines connected to the club building; take care to avoid these when moving rigged boats. There is a strong down-harbour current on an ebb tide; always have a paddle aboard. Meola reef is covered at high tide but is still too shallow to sail over. Keep well clear of moored boats. Watch your feet on the oyster shells.


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  1. Graham Oberlin-Brown Avatar
    Graham Oberlin-Brown


    Does the club cater to beginners? I am keen to learn to sail.

    1. amas008 Avatar

      We have small boats, including 2 Lasers and a Spiral, but do not run classes. Andrew

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