For many years, the waters off Sloanes Beach down to inside Watchman Island have been home for moored boats. This mooring area is managed by the Auckland Regional Council Harbourmaster’s Office, and is known as Mooring Area 48.

The following unofficial map shows the mooring locations, and some boat names, as of 7/2008.

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The following image was kindly provided by the Harbourmaster in Dec 2014, and shows the moorings at that time.

Moorings 2014.12.15

Moorings are managed by the Auckland Council’s Harbourmaster’s office who provide this information on mooring management. If you wish to drop a mooring off Sloane’s Beach, then please talk to us so we can guide you into the deeper areas. I (Andrew) and many of our members use Hauraki Marine Services for our mooring inspections; their contact details are on the mooring management page. They are not the cheapest, but I have always found them to be trustworthy.

ARC Harbourmaster 2008 Review of Moorings and Fees (local; received via Email) and moorings information website.
ARC Map of Mooring Area 48 (pdf)
ARC Coastal Plan, which contains the Rules for Mooring Areas, and the Schedule of Mooring Areas

Note: The schedule of mooring areas contains the following table:

Mooring AreaNumber Mooring Area Name Existing numberof moorings Maximum numberof moorings
46 Meola/Motions Creek 10 10
47 Coxes Bay 17 17
48 Herne Bay 100 267


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