Centreboard Cup ready to go

The plans for our Centerboard Cup and Regatta this Sat 29 Nov are falling into place nicely. The coffee man is booked, the Sloanes Beach mark is laid, and the bunting is ready to hoist. The weather forecast is not too bad, but does include strong Westerly winds of 25 knots (meaning you should expect gusts of at least 35 knots in the squalls).

The Centerboard Cup sailing race is going ahead as planned. The Mullet boats will be coming along, and showing how they can perform in stormy conditions. We invite other boats with experienced skippers and crews to enter on the day and join us at the 11am briefing. However, 25 knots is not the sort of weather for novice sailors unless they are accompanied and supervised by more experienced crew members. The Ponsonby Cruising Club will be running the race from their boat Watchman, but they are not equipped to rescue lots of small capsized boats. As always, each skipper is responsible for ensuring the safety of their boat and crew, and thus must make the final decision on whether to sail or not.

As always, be sure to check the latest Metservice forcast, and you can view the data from our weather station (although as of 27/11, the wind direction is not quite right!).

Skippers are asked to attend the 11am race briefing. The beach games will be starting around 1115am, with the races starting around midday. Don’t forget to bring food for a picnic and BBQ. See this post for more details, and also keep an eye on our Facebook page to see the wonderful collection of old (and new) boats that will be coming along.

If you have any questions, please phone Andrew on 021884673.







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